Why Vision? Transition Management

As an independent supplier, Vision has the skills and capabilities to manage clients existing technology that extends to support of all existing legacy equipment currently under contract, if required.Find out more

We understand and appreciate the importance of a smooth and seamless transition to a new supplier from the existing print infrastructure and as part of both Vision’s Account Management process and our comprehensive implementation plan, Vision will manage the process with all incumbent suppliers to ensure business continuity. This will include supply of consumables where needed and will provide maintenance and support on any device range or model. Vision currently provides this level of support on legacy devices to approximately 30-40% of its current clients.

During transition Vision will collaborate with existing suppliers, ensuring clear communication channels and an effective transition to a new solution. It is far more effective for clients to retains a single route to any service requirements and as such we will act as an agent for existing suppliers.

The transition from legacy suppliers will be approached with the continuous aim of reducing and minimising costs and impact to your business. In order to minimise costs and offer consistency in service provision, Vision would maintain the existing fleet with a view to replacing the devices with consistent device models from our portfolio as contracts expire or devices become obsolete.

Our implementation process consists of the following three stages:

  • Clarify
  • Liaising with our client team, Vision will formulate a detailed project plan of when and where devices are to be deployedAll serial numbers and final meter readings (where applicable) will be collected
  • A PRINCE2 Project Manager will be allocated within Vision and a Project Manager within our client to ensure a constant line of communication and timelines are met
  • Simplify
  • A project road map with timelines will be submitted explaining dates and times of deliveries
  • Devices will be delivered and installed at a time that minimises business disruption
  • The majority of setup and configuration will be completed at Vision’s Logistics Centre, off-site for a quick and simple transition
  • Implement
  • Vision staff will oversee delivery, installation and networkingInstall teams will work closely with your IT Team
  • A phased sign-off will guarantee satisfaction at every stage

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