Why Vision? Managed Print Solutions

Why Vision? Managed Print SolutionsFind out more

Our Managed Print service combines the delivery of printing hardware; consumables, support and management and can include the following print management and software solutions:

  • Secure print release, ‘follow me’ printing
  • Rules based printing to increase control, reduce costs and wastage
  • Cost recovery
  • Network control
  • Granular financial reporting
  • Latest in Mobile Printing e.g. Printing from mobile phones, laptops and tablets

Vision has proven that utilisation of Print Management Software significantly reduces output and wastage resulting in cost savings by as much as 30%. We achieve these savings in a number of ways. For example:

  • All print output is reported on encouraging user responsibility that minimises waste. Simple rules applied such as all emails set to print in mono only, redirection of large print jobs to a more efficient device
  • Specific printing default to duplex
  • Bespoke, job role related features, enabling only the features they need for their job to be utilised.
  • Reduction of resource input through remote diagnosis, error alerts and automated consumables delivery; meaning staff can concentrate solely on the job at hand.
  • Print jobs sent and not retrieved by the user at the device are deleted after a set time reducing printing costs, paper, wastage etc.

Our Managed Print Software Solutions include:

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