Why Vision? Energy Savings Comparison

In addition to the demonstrable savings covered within our previous ‘Why Vision?’ blogs, by implementing a Vision Managed Print Solution, our clients benefit from enhanced power and energy savings, as part of our Managed Print and Document solutions.Find out more

As part of our comprehensive audit and discovery process we analyse all data to see if additional cost and energy savings can be made through rationalising the device fleet where office layout will allow. Multi-functional Devices save energy consumption versus two single function devices and can also improve on space as well as carbon footprint.

Research suggests that the UK is the least efficient country in Europe for sustainable printing, with companies wasting up to 5% of their turnover in printouts. Wasted power consumption and wasted paper are the most common ecological issues with office printing. Many companies do not have a policy on duplex printing or how to print responsibly.

Our partners are continuously focused on research and development to make sure they are constantly improving their products by developing innovative technologies and efficient processes. Together our partner’s devices have received over 40 awards for innovation and eco-credentials including BLI, Energy star rating and Blue Angel award.

The eco-friendly technology includes:

  • Unique Laser Technology – laser technology delivers a more consistent performance with less waste from toner consumables, when compared with ink. Toner also lasts longer and creates less mess than ink, making it a more energy and cost efficient way to print.
  • Instant Fusing technology – Enabling the laser printers to deliver faster printing speeds and lower power consumption, saving energy and money.
  • RAPID Fusing System – A special fixing film and ceramic heater is used that heats instantly for fast warm-up speeds, quick first prints, and drastically reduced energy consumption – up to 80% reduction in energy consumption as compared to conventional roller-fixing systems.
  • White LED Lighting – The use of White LEDs in scanners allows the scanning unit to be smaller, provides a brighter light source when scanning documents while lowering energy consumption by up to 70%, and shortens the recovery time from energy-saving mode.
  • Image combination and Duplex settings – Allows users to copy or print multiple pages on one sheet, saving up to 75% of your paper supply. Using automatic two-sided printing and copying can save you up to 50% of your paper supply.
  • Power Save Mode – Immediately switch to low power consumption, with the power save button conveniently situated on the front of the device, so it’s easy to switch to Power Save Mode immediately after use.
  • ECO Button – A convenient one-touch ECO button enables you to save paper (administrators can set-up options such as duplex or 2-up printing, where two pages are printed per sheet of paper) and reduce toner consumption by up to 30%.
  • Clean Production Technology – Use of resources and energy through clean production technologies and the development of new advanced technology to reduce the output of materials known to cause negative environmental impacts such as Carbon Dioxide.
  • Unique Result Simulator – Provides a graphic representation of how much you can save on your carbon footprint, power consumption and paper usage, depending on the options you select.
  • Space Saving Designs – Compact designs take up 75% less space and consumes up to 20% less electricity for a more comfortable working environment.

Utilising Print Management Software as part of the managed print solution will allow you to easily set controls on users’ print access with built-in solutions, such as Job Accounting, set page limits or restrict the use of colour to departments that really need it, save paper, control costs and reduce your impact on the environment further.

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