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‘I hate my printer’, ‘it’s more trouble than it’s worth’, ‘why should I buy another device only for it to do the same as the old one?’ are common complaints offices, schools, hospitals and organisations the world over.

So, how does a Managed Print and Document Solutions Provider like Vision approach this and overcome objections to get you excited about something that is essentially viewed as a necessary evil? The answer is relatively simple; we listen.

As day-to-day buyers, we recognise the conflict and have all experienced being “mis-sold” to. Like the pair of jeans the sales assistant said ‘look amazing on you’ only to get them home and realise you might be mistaken for a scarecrow if you wore them out. So, they’re dumped in the back of the wardrobe and will one day make it to the charity shop.

Are you likely to buy them again? No. Will you go back to the same shop? No. Buy another pair hoping that they will achieve different results (“but these ones are cheaper and better”)? No. Recommend a friend goes there? Only if you hate them.

At Vision we can adapt to your needs. Consider the same scenario, but this time the sales assistant DOESN’T tell you they look good just to make a quick ‘sale’, they refer you to somewhere that actually supplies the pair you’re after, or orders in the perfect pair for you to collect a week later. Inadvertently, you have stumbled across ‘consultancy’. And this makes you feel much better about your decision. Not only have you built an instant trust, but you see the shop as one that gave you a bit of sound advice. You are even likely to go there again or recommend the place to a friend as ‘they know what they are talking about’.

Vision believe a consultancy-led approach builds trust, makes you feel good about your decision. A managed print solution that has been well thought out, meets your needs and works! We want customers to feel they had a choice in their decisions with the correct steer of industry experts.

The point is, we won’t offer you a “one size fits all” approach, but recognise that every organisation is different. We will refer you to the consultant who will best understand your needs, industry sector or specialist requirements. To develop a customised design from a ‘solutions’ perspective. To scope and recommend the hardware and software required in order that it connects and complements your workplace and fully integrates with your workflow. To move from ‘I hate my printer’ to ‘I love that my multifunctional device helps me day to day and is now integral to my work. It has even shown me a new, more productive way of doing things with a fresh set of tools’.

We use the resources at our disposal to make sure our managed print and document solutions work. We differentiate ourselves and don’t just sell, we listen!

Understanding your requirements and problems using dedicated specialists within Vision to work on a solution that drives your business forward. We want our customers to keep returning for advice and this is fundamental in our approach to building a rewarding business partnership.

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