Vision’s Remote Fleet Management

VRFM is Vision’s unique remote management application that forms part of a managed print solution. VRFM will proviode you with proactive and comprehensive support, utilising some of the most advanced technology on the market today.Find out more

VRFM is a solution provided by Vision as part of its Managed Printing Service for strategic management of print output devices.  It enables Vision and our clients to have complete support and management control ensuring the print infrastructure meets current and on-going business needs.

  • Benefits of VRFM:
  • Full audit and discovery of your current fleet, Vision are able to formulate and design a completely new print strategy and solution that makes life easier for your organisation
  • Proactive maintenance and support that allows us to predict failures and helps solve them remotely without the need for an engineer
  • Consumables and specific spare parts are fully automated and dispatched to you automatically minimising your input and time
  • Accurate invoicing and reports that inform you what devices are over and underutilised. Vision will manage this for you, so you don’t have to
  • VRFM delivers a highly efficient and secure remote management solution enabling Vision to have full visibility of the status of your printing assets in near real-time, without the need to have remote access into your network. The underlying technologies used for communication are industry standard, flexible and extensible, making them the protocols of choice for real-time communications over the internet.

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