Vision’s Managed Print Solutions – Software Part 1

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Print Management and Monitoring Software

Our print management and monitoring software solutions include:


Solution Summary

Print management and scan solution with Follow You Print and tracking capabilities, includes mobile printing


  • Printer accounting and auditing – tracking of print and copy costs;  view the costs per user|device
  • Reports can be customised to provide information at user, department or cost centre level and can be utilised for fleet management and cost optimisation
  • Rules based printing options (eg emails are always printed in black and white, route jobs to the cheapest device)
  • Universal secure printing – confidential jobs held on print server and released when user authenticates on the device
  • Device security – control access to the devices. An image of every copy, print, fax or scan can be stored and examined for keywords
  • Scan to email (and OCR), network folders and document management systems, eg MS SharePoint
  • Support environmental sustainability – automatically delete jobs that are abandoned in the print queue


Solution Summary

Manage and control your office printing environment through rules- based printing and secure print release.


  • Simple – one solution keeps track of output from all connected printers and copiers
  • Accurate – generate the information you need to perform accurate chargebacks for all print and copy costs
  • Secure – Follow-You Printing® only releases documents for output after users authenticate at the device
  • Mobile – let users send files to print from one location — then pick them up across campus or across town
  • Promote environmental sustainability from reduced paper wastage – unwanted prints are deleted
  • Cost control – enforce rules or quotas to improve print cost effectiveness
  • Comprehensive accounting and reporting features. Comply with privacy and auditing legislation – capture, track and account for every print job.
  • Adapts to any size fleet, across multiple campus locations

VRFM (Vision Remote Fleet Manager)

Solution Summary

VRFM allows you to automatically discover and report on device information, including meter readings, numbers of pages printed, amount of toner remaining or the current state of the device. Meter information can be emailed in .csv or .pdf format and customised to import into virtually any billing system. Printer alerts can be sent automatically via email.  Printer usage reports provide information on how devices are being used. Device location maps show an at-a-glance view of device status.

Vision Remote Fleet Manager’s (VRFM) secure remote monitoring software collects extensive information from your networked devices, such as:

  • Current status
  • Supplies levels
  • Page counts
  • Utilisation
  • Model descriptions
  • Printer locations
  • Power consumption
  • Serial and asset numbers
  • Automated service alerts
  • Historical trending reports


  • Increase efficiency and accuracy by automating meter reading collection to assist with billing
  • Improve device uptime by enabling the administrator to receive alerts when the device needs attention
  • Increase awareness of your printer estate to ensure you have the right devices deployed

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