Vision’s Managed Print Solutions – Implementation

Based on our knowledge of your IT and print environment, we will recommend a bespoke and suitable implementation programme for your new managed print solution, which may include: Find out more

Scoping meeting

The main objective for this meeting will be to create a formalised document detailing requirements to achieve the desired outcome of your managed print solution.

Implementation meeting

The key objective of the implementation meeting will be to liaise with all stake holders to plan the smooth roll-out of the managed print solution with minimum disruption and maximum support from all involved

Software installation contract

This document will detail all works to be carried out and the objectives to be achieved in a clear and concise document to enable full capability of the managed print solution software.

Presentation to staff

Presenting the key benefits of the managed print solution project will assist in gaining support for the project and is proven to be beneficial when the strategy involves rationalisation of the printer fleet.

Pilot | proof of concept

Prior to roll-out of the entire managed print solution we recommend a small trial of the proposed hardware and software allowing valuable data and practical experience to be gained before going ‘live’.

Hardware and software ordered

Once the final agreement on product specification has been reached, orders will be placed and should be delivered within 14 days.

Phased installation

The logistics for the installation of the managed print solution will be agreed upon during the implementation meeting. Wherever possible all attempts will be made to accommodate your ideal requirements for minimal disruption.

End user training programme

Staff will be offered a comprehensive training programme for the use of new managed print solutions over a series of training sessions. Please see next week’s blog for further details on the training offered.

Job sign off

Once the print strategy has been implemented and you are satisfied with your managed print solution, you will be asked to sign off the project.

On-going account reviews

Further details to follow.

Next week – End User Training


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