Vision’s Managed Print Solutions – End User Training

To ensure you derive maximum benefit from your managed print solution as soon as possible, Vision will ensure that user training takes place prior to or on the day of installation unless advised otherwise.Find out more

We have two levels of training; basic and advanced. Training on your managed print solution is provided by our dedicated and highly experienced Client Training Officer.

Basic Training

We offer basic training for every day users. This training will be delivered in 30 minute slots to groups of 8 users and will cover:-

  • Basic device functionality (ie duplex, reduce, enlarge, stapling, hole punching)
  • Altering key functions of the print driver (ie duplex selection, mono printing)
  • Toner replacement
  • Paper jam clearance
  • Making a service call
  • User maintenance

Advanced Training

Advanced training is recommended to be delivered in one hour slots and is designed for key users and includes everything in the basic training with the addition of advanced maintenance, device setup such as trays, settings and user settings. Vision ‘floor walkers’ will be present to assist and answer any questions.

A Vision Technical Solutions Specialist will also provide a comprehensive administrator training programme for the proposed software to explain the setup of new users as well as the ongoing running of the system, including fault diagnostics and remedy, setup of new users as well as the ongoing running of the system.

IT Central Services will be inducted into the operational aspects of the Managed Print Solution and trained extensively on the integration between their helpdesk and Vision’s.

Prior to installation of your managed print solution, Vision will work with your organisation’s key users to provide documentation explaining the print facilities and associated benefits. Desk drops, screen savers and electronic material will be utilised to ensure maximum end user understanding. Bespoke user guides can be compiled to explain the features and functions of the new devices and software.

It is preferred that training is carried out in the departments on site soon after the Managed Print Solution deployment to ensure the device and software are being used correctly and that end users are receiving the benefits as soon as possible. This allows the trainer to provide bespoke training according to a department’s settings and requirements.

Alternatively Vision can set up a device in a designated area where the trainer will be present and have users attend training according to a planned schedule. This may minimise disruption that can be caused when a trainer is attending each department.

Any additional or refresher training will be available throughout the contact upon request.

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