Vision boasts eCopy PDF Pro in its solutions portfolio

Nuance’s eCopy PDF Pro is the best PDF convertor on the market since… Adobe Acrobat X Pro!Find out more

As well as having over 25 functions which Adobe Pro doesn’t, eCopy PDF Pro is less than a third of the price. It’s a “win win” situation!

eCopy PDF Pro allows users to quickly and professionally create, modify and convert PDF documents into editable, search formats.

By utilising a powerful yet easy to use scanning and PDF software solution, organisations can increase the productivity of their staff and create a more efficient and streamlined process to manage their documents.

Enjoy the key features of eCopy PDF Pro:

Advanced security tools 

Gives users the ability to search and automatically highlight and redact specific words, allowing them to automatically eliminate sensitive information within their document. This is particularly useful in education and the legal industry.

Other mark up features

eCopy also allows users to insert watermarks, stamps, notes or rich media files.

Password protect

Create password-protected PDFs

Convert PDF files into fully formatted documents 

Enables users to convert PDFs into fully formatted and editable documents such as Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint so they never have to retype a PDF document again.

Formatting Conversion

This conversion also accurately completes column layout, charts and graphics.

Batch conversion 

By simply clicking, dragging and dropping multiple files of different formats users are able to convert into one PDF file with one click.

Cloud based

Users can now convert, save and access their documents in the Cloud by converting directly with popular Enterprise Content Management Solutions such as Google Docs and Drop Box.


Convert PDF into an audio file using dragonfly technology.

PDF High Compression

Create PDF-MRC high-compression colour PDF image files up to 8 times smaller.

Fill in forms and questionnaires

The FormTyper feature allows users to scan and convert paper documents into electronic PDF forms that can be digitally completed online for fast and easier form filling.

Document comparison

This allows users to compare two versions of the same document and highlight the differences.

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