uniFLOW launches version 5.2

uniFLOW 5.2 improves usability and strengthens the platform by adding print room management features.Find out more

Over the years, uniFLOW has grown to become the leading print and scan management product in the market with functions such as mobile printing, advanced scanning and device management expanding the existing secure printing, document routing and accounting functionality. uniFLOW version 5.2 enhances usability and configurability, making it easier to install and configure the existing functionality. In addition, a wide set of print room management features have been added to provide “one platform” for both your office and print room environment.

Key Improvements and Benefits of uniFLOW version 5.2

  • Greatly improved usability and configuration, facilitating the use of the software, installation and configuration of the existing functionality including over 1000 software improvements, quick start-up and wizards to easily set up existing mobile printing, new Universal Driver and user interfaces.
  • Fully integrated print room management providing one integrated platform for all office and print room printing including automatic rerouting of large print jobs to the central print room and devices that perform specialised make-ready operations.
  • Improvements to mobile printing functionality plus Google Cloud PrintTM support, enabling printing from any device, to any device with added authentication allowing users to be tracked via their normal usernames rather than just the name of the device.
  • Improved scanning functionality allowing users to conveniently scan and distribute their documents around the organisation; several improvements to the scanning user interface including supported SharePoint connections and browse and scan into any system that supports the WebDAV protocol including Therefore document management system.
  • Optimised RPS synchronisation for large installations synchronisation between the uniFLOW server and the remote print server has been optimised to evenly distribute the system load.
  • Enhanced system security preventing unauthorised access from outside and safeguarding your system; uniFLOW is now secure by default, all communication within uniFLOW now takes place via an encrypted HTTPS connection and supports secure SMTP email server connections.

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