uniFLOW Advanced Scanning – Vision promotion

From 1 August to 3 December 2012, you can upgrade your uniFLOW software by adding the advanced scanning option at a special promotional rate.Find out more

uniFLOW’s Advanced Scanning allows users to scan and compress documents from multifunctional devices (MFDs), directly to email or to document repositories like Microsoft SharePoint or Therefore™ and scan workflows can be personalised so that the “scanning experience” is both intuitive and consistent throughout your organisation.

Using uniFLOW Advanced Scanning allows users to:

  • Select how a document should be scanned by selecting different scanning options such as, scan to email, scan to desktop, scan to printer and scan to folder.
  • Preview the document before sending it.
  • Process the scanned document by converting into PDF, compressing it and including OCR data.
  • Reduce the time spent manually dividing documents by offering intelligent document recognition. For instance, train the system to ‘learn’ what an expense sheet looks like so that when an expense sheet is scanned it is sent to the correct location.
  • Reduce the risk of inaccurate information and hard-to-find documents by reducing the need for users to manually enter document data into an archiving system. Information contained within a document can be extracted and used to create index information to make the document searchable.
  • Store documents directly into SharePoint (with no need to manually type links or having to authenticate) by browsing the locations available with the permissions set by an administrator or by selecting a regular document process.
  • Have a common user interface regardless of which MFD users scan from. This means users can carry out the same scanning tasks at any MFD on the network. Depending on the departmental specific tasks, users can also have bespoke scanning button options.

If you are an existing uniFLOW client who would like to know about the benefits of the new scanning features available through this upgrade, call now on 08449 808700 or email sales@visionplc.co.uk.

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