uniFLOW – one platform for all your print, scan and device management

uniFLOW 5.2 will give you one integrated platform for all your print, scan and device management; scalable to any size to provide flexibility regardless of your business type. Modular architecture allows the benefits of uniFLOW to be extended into other parts of your business and to manage the office print and scan infrastructure, as well as the corporate print room.Find out more

End user expectations

Users of a modern print system should be able to print to their closest printer unless the job contains confidential information or is too big for the normal printer; print regardless of which computer or operating system they are using or while they are away from their desk or office; print secure jobs on any printer, regardless of make or manufacturer of the device and work with paper documents as easily as electronic ones.

  • uniFLOW Universal Driver
  • uniFLOW can use its own Universal Driver to fix “incompatible driver” issues ensuring a correct printout every time; Universal Driver technology works with jobs sent from mobile devices, over the internet or from the desktop and with any make or model of printer using Postscript or PCL printer languages.
  • Mobile Printing
  • In Version 5.2 there are improvements to mobile printing functionality plus Google Cloud Print support, enabling printing from any device, to any device with added authentication allowing users to be tracked via their normal usernames rather than just the name of the device.
  • Fully Integrated Print Room Management
  • uniFLOW Version 5.2 provides one integrated platform for all office and print room printing including automatic rerouting of large print jobs to the central print room and devices that perform specialised make-ready operations.
  • Protect valuable and confidential information
  • uniFLOW supports iW Secure Audit Manager Express which acts as a deterrent against employees who may potentially leak valuable company information. Each time an activity is performed on a multifunctional device, the text and image data is captured along with log information. It also has the ability to notify a designated administrator when a specific keyword is printed, scanned, faxed, copied or sent.
  • System Security
  • Enhanced system security in Version 5.2 prevents unauthorised access from outside and safeguards your system; uniFLOW is now secure by default, all communication within uniFLOW now takes place via an encrypted HTTPS connection and support secure SMTP email server connections.
  • Conveniently scan and distribute documents
  • uniFLOW 5.2 allows users to scan and distribute their documents around the organisation; an improved scanning user interface supports SharePoint connections and any system that supports WebDAV protocol including Therefore document management system.
  • Control costs
  • uniFLOW 5.2 helps you keep tight control on your costs. Prices can be assigned to users or teams in a manner that’s as sophisticated as you like. For example, you could set a different budget or price for A4, A3, B&W, colour, single-side, double-side, booklet making and even stapling. If the user exceeds their budget, you could either allow them to keep on printing or block his printing until his manager agrees a new budget. This information can then be used to define printing policies and ensure your print infrastructure is being used as effectively as possible.
  • Reduce costs through efficiencies
  • Another way to save money is to minimise the time spent managing and solving IT problems, and reduce the frustrations of users who can’t print when they need to. uniFLOW 5.2 addresses these issues, providing a clear insight into which devices are available, which are not, and highlights “out of toner” problems and paper jams. Your IT department is kept informed and, if required, pre-defined rules can be set up and followed for speedier resolution, saving both time and money.
  • Desktop accounting
  • Desktop printers can create headaches for IT staff since they can be costly to run and, since they’re not on the network, difficult to monitor. uniFLOW 5.2 helps you control the cost of these devices, as well as including the relevant usage and cost data within the uniFLOW 5.2 database.
  • Interactive rules and routing
  • To help keep costs low for you and your users, print jobs can be automatically routed to the most cost efficient devices in the office (eg colour print jobs from desktop devices to larger multifunctional printers). Furthermore, documents can be diverted to alternative devices (failover), in the event of a problem such as “out of toner”, reducing user frustration. Alternatively, “pop up” boxes within this module can also be used to proactively inform users if they’re attempting to print somewhere, when lower costs alternatives are available. Their subsequent decisions are all stored within the uniFLOW 5.2 database, keeping IT departments informed of their most cost conscious users and departments.
  • Secure “follow-me” printing
  • uniFLOW 5.2 offers “follow-me” printing which will allow users to securely print jobs at any networked device. Print jobs sent to the print server are paused until the user authenticates at any multifunctional device or at existing printers. Authentication can be managed in a number of different ways, including swipe card authentication and/or PIN code.
  • Print management information
  • uniFLOW 5.2 provides a Document Accounting solution which will enable you to monitor and report on your printer fleet; statistical analysis will provide reporting by device, by user, and by department or cost centre, it can report on the cost savings achieved when printing on a multifunctional device versus a networked or local printer.


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