Tracking costs and savings – the Financial Director’s view

uniFLOW helps the finance department track and assess the organisation’s current printing, copying, faxing, and scanning costs, allowing internal costs to be charged back and current usage audited.Find out more

Graphical reports

The Finance Department can view all device usage across the organisation and access reports by user, device and groups or multi-level cost code. Standard reports include all the information required, such as which device is being most utilised and who is spending the most. Savings reports show all the savings and potential savings that have been made over the period.

Monitor cost savings

Tracking costs is only the first step in understanding costs using uniFLOW. Any savings made from having uniFLOW installed are also recorded, allowing the Finance Department to show the true return on investment achieved. For example, savings can be made by routing a job to a cheaper printer or deleting a secure print job that has not been collected.

Routing jobs to the cheapest device

Laser printers close to the users are convenient but expensive to run. uniFLOW can be configured to allow users to print small jobs on the laser printer but will ask to move the job to the cheaper multifunctional device or secure print queue once it is over a certain size. For really large jobs the job can even be automatically sent to the print room.

Help save the environment

Printing in double-sided mode and deleting jobs that have not been picked up not only saves paper (and therefore money) but also helps save the environment. uniFLOW can provide the analysis to help implement an environmental printing strategy, saving valuable trees and improving your environmental performance.

Fleet Management (MPS)

The complete device fleet in an organisation can be monitored by uniFLOW allowing greater reporting possibilities. Meter readings and the historical device status changes for all devices, regardless of manufacturer, can be obtained and reports generated.

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