Therefore – scan, manage and distribute information securely throughout your organisation

With Therefore storage and retrieval system, you can scan and capture information from a variety of sources. Information can be managed with efficient search settings and version control and a full text engine allows you to search content and index data at the same time.Find out more

An introduction to Therefore software

Therefore integrates with Canon multifunction devices allowing users to search, view and print documents directly from the device. So ask yourself these questions:

Can your staff quickly and easily find up-to-date documents and are you concerned about information loss, security or fraud?  Do you want more control over your document processes and do you want to remove manual steps in your scanning and archiving processes?

How long does it take you to find a document that has been filed incorrectly? Is your information stored in

different locations – Windows folder structures, email inboxes, filing cabinets or USB sticks that might be lost?

Do you spend time re-typing documents that you only have hard copy originals for?

  • Therefore storage and retrieval system has the solution
  • Reduces the costs of storage
  • Increases productivity – easy to find up-to-date information
  • Improves security by limiting information access to authorised users only
  • Integrates with SharePoint and MS Office applications, providing full revision control and a complete audit history

Demonstration of Therefore software


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