The growing popularity of cloud-based services

We’re all aware of the growing popularity of cloud-based services because they’re great for providing immediate access to document storage and business applications that enable multi-user collaboration and therefore eliminate the need to email documents back and forth between users, but often uploading or downloading documents to and from cloud services requires multiple steps and users needing to work between multiple applications.Find out more

The continual evolution of mobile technologies and with it the proliferation of Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) means more workers are requiring remote access to company data, yet many enterprise solutions are not currently designed for full mobile integration so the requirement for cloud storage outside the company network is increasing.

What is fuelling this trend?

  • Economy
  • In-House IT is too expensive to maintain and upgrade at the same rate as the technology advances
  • ‘93% of surveyed CFOs believed that cloud computing would be important to the success of their company in the next year to 18 months’. Thomas Davies, Head of Google Enterprise, 2012
  • Bandwidth
  • Faster broadband speeds makes accessing cloud services quicker than ever
  • WIFI, 4G networks offering up to 60MB connections increases mobility access
  • Growth of mobile devices
  • Exponential increases in smart phones and tablet sales that require file storage in the cloud
  • Common proprietary applications such as Microsoft office® are not available on cross platform, iOS/Android etc.
  • Limited processing power means heavy work needs to be done in the cloud
  • Consumer trends
  • In the home environment users are comfortable using cloud services such as iCloud,, google docs etc.

What is the solution?

Vision are proud to offer a full complement of solutions designed specifically to address these increasing trends and help our customers bridge the gap between the user’s need to use cloud services and the business efficiencies demanded by owners and managers – with solutions ranging from desktop softwares to fully integrated applications embedded within multifunctional devices.

Vision’s range of solutions ensure you can connect to some of the most popular cloud storage providers out there including Dropbox, SharePoint, PaperPort Anywhere, Evernote,, Google Drive and many more.

Users will appreciate the ability to connect to multiple cloud storage services at once or add a “Cloud Drive” within Microsoft Windows that is always available. This enables them to simply drag and drop files from any Windows folders to the cloud or move files from one cloud service to another quickly and efficiently.

Our embedded applications offer more than just scan to email. From compatible multifunctional printers, users can maximise their efficiency by eliminating many of the steps often by simply connecting to authorised cloud repositories and printing straight from or scan documents directly into cloud repositories, thereby significantly speeding up the entire process by eliminating a number of steps.

Other features offered by these applications include the ability to turn simple scanned documents or standard PDF files into fully text searchable records with powerful Optical Character Recognition (OCR) engines or better still, is the ability to maximise document processing by converting PDF and scanned documents into fully editable Microsoft Office formats (Word, Excel).

Ensuring your sensitive business information remains secure Vision can help you maintain the security of your documents by deploying user authentication and secure document transfer to your authorised cloud processes.

Our Professional Services Team will be happy to discuss your requirements in more detail.


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