Simpler solutions for Accounts Payable built around you

This is an introduction to a simpler, smarter approach to Accounts Payable that helps you take more control over your cash flow, saves you valuable time and gives you the peace of mind of a reinforced, simplified audit trail.Find out more

Vision’s managed document solutions can address all stages of the Accounts Payable process, combining business process expertise with leading office technology. You can have the tools to add more value to your organisation and strengthen Finance’s reputation as a profit centre, not a cost centre.

These solutions are quick and easy to implement because they are built around your requirements and existing capabilities with a typical return on investment as early as six months.

The Accounts Payable Process

Looking at the Accounts Payable process as a whole, we can identify where simple changes can make big improvements to cash flow control, efficiency and transparency.

Vision’s solutions start and finish with you, helping you make the changes you need to.

  • Invoice received as hard copy, email or fax
  • Handle a mix of hard copy and electronic invoices more easily
  • Make existing automated systems work more effectively or even establish full automation
  • Data capture
  • Save time and cut errors by improving the way invoice data is extracted from invoices and used
  • Cut time spent retyping and transferring information
  • Check and match data
  • Quickly check discounts and supplier agreements are being applied
  • Faster, more accurate matching and checking from purchase orders and good receipts to credit notes and more
  • 100% of exceptions flagged
  • Join up your ERP technology and Accounts Payable process more effectively
  • Invoice approval
  • Fine-tune authorisation rules, set lower threshold values for investigating discrepancies
  • Highlight approval bottlenecks
  • Resolve disputes quickly by checking supporting documents at a glance
  • Give multiple approvers the information they need, wherever they need it
  • Pay and report
  • Run clearer, timelier, more accurate reports
  • Cut delays in invoice processing, allowing you to optimise the timing of your payments
  • Track all changes in context for a stronger, simpler audit trail
  • Improve relationships with suppliers and stakeholders
  • Archive and analyse
  • Cut workload and boost transparency with faster, more effective archiving
  • Spot inefficient purchasing practices within your business
  • Check any invoice’s progress through these stages at a glance, with an online portal

All the functionality, efficiency and control of a large enterprise system is now available to smaller Finance Departments – find out more on 08449 808700 or contact us


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