Secure document capture and scanning – the end-user experience

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Users can be shown a series of personalised scanning workflows that are relevant to their job role allowing them to scan documents directly into the relevant business process or back-end document management systems.

Same user experience for printing and scanning

As with printing, users are required to identify themselves at the multifunctional device with their proximity card, and see only the scanning workflows that are relevant for them. The administrator can decide which workflows should be accessible to each department and which workflows are available for everyone. These scan workflows will “follow” the user from device to device.

Process the captured information

Using paper and the information contained on it remains a critical part of every user’s daily work. Scanned documents can be processed using zonal OCR or barcode recognition to extract the information contained therein, allowing them to automatically pre-fill index information or to be converted to a format, such as Microsoft Word.

Output to where it is needed

uniFLOW allows users to scan documents directly to their email accounts, network folders or document management systems such as Therefore, Microsoft SharePoint or Google Drive in the form of highly compressed image files.

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