Reduce Wastage, Prolong Consumables Life!

Don’t throw away your toner cartridges when they display the replacement alert! Would you drain a tank of petrol when the red light comes on? No you wouldn’t! Find out more

Why waste valuable toner when you can prolong its life, reducing the impact on the environment and your own pockets!

When multifunctional devices require toner, a warning and alert appears in the control panel advising the user to prepare to replace the black or colour toner cartridge. At this stage, there is typically 20% toner left in the cartridge! Users tend to dispose of the cartridge consequently wasting significant toner. Unnecessarily!

As part of Vision’s Environmental Management System, ISO 14001, we are continuously developing initiatives and have key objectives aimed at reducing wastage and our impact on the environment.

By simply prolonging and extending the life of toner cartridges, we can reduce wastage, packaging, distribution and therefore CO2 emissions, ultimately reducing the impact on landfill.

Help us to reduce environmental impact with reduced: Shipping, Packaging and Landfill. Play your part in preserving the environment!


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