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At Vision we understand that your time is the client’s money. Legal firms need to make the process of filing and retrieving documents much quicker, so it is a logical decision to swap from a manual filing system to an electronic alternative.Find out more

Vision’s document management solutions dramatically reduce the volume of paper that flows around an organisation. They replace manual, paper-driven processes and the physical filing and archiving of documents with automated, electronic business processes and ‘electronic filing’ which is carried out from the desktop.

Transitioning traditional filing cabinets to digital alternatives means that processes are speeded-up.  Users have instant access to both live and archived documents at the ‘click-of-a-mouse’ and space previously taken up by piles of documents on desks and storing old files is liberated.

Future proof

Vision’s document management solutions integrate seamlessly with existing business systems, applications and mobile devices.  They centralise the storage of all electronic information in a dedicated ‘electronic filing cabinet’ which can be accessed (subject to user rights), viewed and updated via your familiar interface such as Interwoven, Hummingbird and Lawsoft from any location or remotely.

Our solutions are totally modular and any initial implementation provides a foundation for future growth.

Business efficiency can be compromised by paper

Documents are vital to the legal profession, but they are a hindrance when it comes to the everyday practicalities of remote working and the need to have access to information.  Document management software enables law firms to store, organise, index and retrieve documents for every case or project from any location via any networked or web-enabled device.

Vision has helped many organisations eliminate or reduce paper from their workflow processes.  Removing paper maximises the effectiveness of existing processes and can dramatically reduce the time taken to process customer queries.

Easy access to all documentation from the desktop

All incoming and outgoing information in all formats – scanned documents, email or fax – is filed directly into a document management system to which every member of staff has access (according to their security level).

There is no need to rummage through physical filing cabinets to find what is needed and everything is accessible with a mouse, in an instant, allowing you to deal with client queries quickly and efficiently.

Digital filing that replicates your manual filing system

A Vision document management solution creates a secure, digital filing cabinet for all document types – scanned paper, email and fax.  The entire contents of your manual paper filing system, which includes letters, invoices, photocopies of emails and hardcopy faxes can be scanned to convert each individual document into an electronic image.

A file structure is set up in the repository to accurately replicate the manual filing system, so that imported scanned images can be filed in a familiar way, making it easy for users to find them.  All documentation is then filed under the client’s name and case number and electronic copies of every document relating to that case are organised in folders and in chronological order.

Efficiency underpins business growth

Implementing a document management solution is a good business decision.  Immediately, you solve the document filing and storage problem which impacts negatively on your client service and productivity.

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