Reduce Costs

Print is one of the ‘great unseens’ of office expenses, but our in-depth analysis and planned implementation identifies achievable improvements. A comprehensive print audit reveals where you are now – and how costs can be reduced through device reallocation or replacement, high volume|low duty cycle utilisation or more efficient use of colour devices.

Print management software reduces waste by eliminating unclaimed print and adding accountability to encourage users to print sensibly, secure print can provide 40% savings and RightFax meets the demanding needs of document-critical businesses, it will help you to lower costs and bolster productivity, while improving security measures and accessibility.

The implementation of print management software enables your organisation to control and monitor document output and provides complete cost control, potential new revenue streams, improved employee productivity, interactive rules and routing, reduced environmental impact, secure “follow-me” printing and print management information with cost accounting and budgeting.

Once implemented your solution is protected by our preventative maintenance programme which ensures maximum uptime of your operation and a transparent cost per print charge that includes toner, parts and labour.

Our Energy Star rated devices are more energy efficient and contribute significant savings to your bottom line whilst the rationalisation of your print fleet makes better use of your work space.

Helping you…

  • Reduce costs
  • Lower impacts on the environment
  • Improving efficiency
  • Iincreasing productivity