Are piles of wasted print jeopardising your environmental credentials?

With Vision’s print management software you can end wasteful unclaimed printing by only allowing print jobs to be output when users are ready to claim them at the printer.Find out more

One client, as a product of their managed print solution, used print management software to reduce campus printing by 41% in just one term by integrating “follow me” printing with existing campus card systems and online accounts that allowed students, faculty and staff to use the same devices.

To help keep costs low, print management software can route automatically print job to the most cost and energy-efficient devices in the office. Furthermore “pop-up” boxes can be used to proactively inform users if they’re attempting to print somewhere, when lower cost or more energy efficient alternatives are available. Their subsequent decisions are all stored so that IT departments are informed of their most environmentally conscious users and departments.

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Vision provided a fully managed Print solution that meets all our requirements. Not only do we have happy staff it has helped improve our efficiencies and save money. I’m looking forward to our printing future with Vision.

Andrea Doe

Service Team Leader at Surrey Satellites Technology Ltd

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