Comprehensive Print Audit

Drive print and telecoms improvements across the organisation using our independent audit and costs analysis

If you have a general question about our managed print solutions and how we implement them, you should find the answer here. If not, then please contact us.

Why should I consider reviewing my print fleet?

Quite simply to see if savings and efficiency gains can be made. Keeping operating costs down is essential to any business and today’s digital technology offers huge potential in this area.

A print fleet that’s evolved on an ‘as needs’ basis is unlikely to be operating efficiently – output that’s left uncollected on a device is a waste, a mishmash of poorly located devices can cause log jams and user frustration, while IT staff are often side-tracked on to persistent maintenance issues. And that’s not the best use of their time.

A managed print solution, on the other hand, will deliver verifiable cost and productivity benefits. A Vision print audit will identify the potential for your organisation.

Will we need to dispose of the equipment we have, and start over?

Not necessarily. We base all our recommendations on an assessment of how print is currently being managed in your organisation so it really depends on what we find. You won’t necessarily have to purchase any new equipment, but there may be a compelling argument for rationalisation and standardising the print platform to a single manufacturer. This ensures universal print drivers can be deployed across the organisation, saving IT resource.

What is a multi-functional device?

A multi-functional device (MFD) is a networked device that prints, copies, scans and faxes. MFDs offer huge efficiency advantages which can all be accessed from a single device – colour or mono printing, and a range of document finishes from collating and hole-punching to multi-position stapling and saddle stitching. At Vision, we base all our managed print recommendations on multi-functional equipment.

Are you limited to recommending the products of just one manufacturer?

Not at all. Rather we have established partnerships with a number of leading companies and are free to recommend the equipment we feel will be the best fit for the organisation concerned. Our independence is an important element of the Vision way of working and means our clients can have confidence in our ‘best in class’ approach. You can read more about the partners we work with here.

How do you manage installations without being intrusive?

We’re well aware of the potential for disruption so go to great lengths to plan and agree an installation schedule that suits you best. This way we can achieve a smooth rollout of the new system and secure staff buy-in from the start. We incorporate pilot trials and key operator training as well as on-the-job help during the immediate post-live period. There’s more about how we work here.

What about maintenance?


We offer a comprehensive support for all our installations because we want you to continue to get the best from your investment. Our dedicated client service centre gives telephone advice and co-ordinates our field engineer team for on-site calls. Plus there are our remote diagnostics software and web-based fault reporting systems that enable you to monitor each device’s performance. Take a more in-depth look at our service and support here.

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