At Vision we're specialists in providing solutions that will revolutionise the way office print is managed in your organisation. We take a rounded look at all the considerations affecting your present print set-up to see how they can best be met.

  • A managed print solution will minimise time spent managing and solving potential IT problems and reduce the frustrations of users who cannot print when they need to. Now you don't have to choose between security and economy:
  • Enhance security by releasing documents only when users are physically at the printer
  • Promote mobility by allowing users to release documents at any convenient printer, anywhere in your organisation
  • Reduce waste by eliminating unclaimed printing and adding the accountability that encourage users to print only the documents they actually need
  • Support popular card-based ID systems for simple authentication
  • Integrate easily into multi-vendor environments

We approach each requirement from many different directions to ensure the solution we recommend is thorough, complete and tailored to your needs in every way:

  • Would you like to have more control over your print costs?
  • Print is one of the ‘great unseens’ of office expenses but our in-depth analysis and planned implementation will identify achievable improvements. A comprehensive Vision print audit will reveal where you are now – and where costs could be reduced through device reallocation or replacement, high volume/low duty cycle utilisation or more efficient use of colour devices.
  • How mobile and productive is your workforce?
  • Smart phones and tablets are widely used to keep mobile professionals connected and working efficiently on the move. Vision provides a range of solutions to suit the varied needs of businesses of all sizes, including mobile and tablet printing.
  • Are piles of wasted print jeopardising your environmental credentials?
  • Whether you have an informal environmental policy or aspire to an ISO-level standard, a coherent green agenda is essential in today’s business. Our solutions can incorporate Follow You Print technology which conveniently (and securely) releases documents to a user’s chosen device reducing paper wastage.
  • Do you need to authorise users to collect their print outputs?
  • We can incorporate the right printer accounting and auditing software that will hold confidential jobs on the print server and release them only when a user authenticates on the device.