Comprehensive Print Audit

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Vision's managed print solution delivers control and flexibility with cost savings at an Education Academy


Established in London, the Academy is a new education venture providing a safe and supportive environment for learning. With focus on responsibility, integrity and creativity, the Academy also has a strong focus on ICT, seeking to provide the best facilities for staff and students alike for improved learning capabilities.

Business Challenge

The Academy identified a need to control print output, reduce costs and streamline their print environment. It also sought to increase flexibility for staff and students in respect of document workflow, broadening the scope for print collection, campus wide.

The Academy required a forward thinking long term partner to provide a fully managed print solution. A partner that could not only implement a fully managed print solution but also assist in future developments, giving the Academy the 'tools' required to maximise current equipment and processes within the Reprographics department.

Customer Agenda

  • Cost savings
  • Flexible solution
  • Reprographics Control
  • Improved security
  • Reduced wastage

Vision Solution

Vision provided a fully managed print and document workflow solution to meet the Academy's requirements. Vision also provided Helix software to divert certain print output to the Reprographics department, increasing efficiency and giving the Print Room environment total control.


The status and availability of every device can be viewed and coordinated centrally with Helix production workflow Software, maximising productivity and utilisation of all resources.

Print jobs are sent quickly and easily over an internet or network connection via job ticket completion to the optimum single or multiple print devices.

Helix also delivers powerful and flexible customer reports, cost allocation, recovery and secure on-line payment options enabling quick and efficient payment for the students.

Vision rationalised the Academy's existing fleet of desktop and convenience devices, significantly reducing hardware costs. Implementing a consistent device model fleet of only three device types, Vision's solution ensured easier functionality for users, without the need for complex training programs.

Vision also implemented 'Follow Me Print', providing staff and students with the security and convenience of releasing their documents when they need them, at their chosen device across the Academy. 'Cost Accounting' functions also track print output by user and department giving IT the visibility needed to oversee the entire print workflow.

Vision delivered further cost savings and environmental benefits through rules based printing. Documents not released from the device within specified times are deleted, reducing unnecessary print costs and paper wastage.

Solutions Implementation

The solution is helping to manage printing behaviour across the Academy and contributes significantly to the current ICT improvement policy.


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