Print confidential documents securely – the end-user experience

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In the past, this has been an excuse to buy and use a local printer as users are reluctant to print sensitive documents to a shared network device.

uniFLOW’s secure printing functionality allows all users to send their sensitive documents to network printers from their desktops or mobile devices and to have the job printed only when they are physically standing in front of the device.

Print from anywhere

Users can submit their print jobs from wherever they are working, either inside or outside the company network, thereby increasing their productivity. Print jobs can be submitted from desktop PCs, laptops, host based servers, mobile phones or tablets, all being held securely in a personal print queue.

Personal Secure Print Queue

All print jobs are stored in a user’s personal secure queue until they are ready to release them on the printer of their choice. This printer may be the one closest to them, on another floor or in a different building. The user can select which of their print jobs to release from a list displayed directly on the MFD screen or from the uniFLOW applet running on their smartphone or tablet. In relation to each document the user can then decide to change how each job will be printed before releasing it.

One driver for all – uniFLOW Universal Driver

Since the user can choose any printer on the network to release a job, regardless of model or manufacturer, the uniFLOW Universal Driver ensures that the output is exactly as expected. Not only does this reduce user frustration with the printing process, but costs are saved through not having to reprint documents multiple times.

Flexible Authentication at the device

To release a print job, the user can authenticate at their chosen printer by using their normal company ID proximity card or smart card. Guest users can release their jobs be entering a unique code on the MFD screen.

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