Overcome your daily document challenges with Vision’s managed document solutions – who can benefit?

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“Around 80% of an organisation’s information is now in electronic format, and only around 20% of that will be held in a formal database.” Source: Quocirca – Big data – big problems, or massive opportunities? May 2012

Who can benefit from a managed document solution?

General Office Users can scan in all customer files reducing the need for physically storing documents, saving time, space and money.

Marketing Departments can set permissions to define access rights to certain documents. This will ensure that “unpublished” material does not leak outside of the organisation.

Legal Firms and Departments can store all relevant legal documentation together, improving response times and increasing accuracy in information retrieval through controlled transparency. They can control access to sensitive information, monitor document access history and review changes outside of the firm.

General Management benefits from a fully compliant archive solution that meets recommended standards, guaranteeing continuity, authenticity, traceability and security of documents.

Human Resources can store CVs securely and permissions can be set to only allow approved HR personnel, CVs can be securely archived and easily retrieved through full text search. Employee information can be accessed easily and quickly and linked together under their name or employee number. Compliance with legal and industry standards can be ensured.

Logistics Departments can reduce the time and costs associated with delivery note and proof of delivery storage and retrieval.


  • Cost reduction
  • Storing documents electronically and securely reduces printing, toner and paper costs, as well as filing costs. These measures will also help enhance your green credentials and reduce your environmental impact as part of a fully managed print solution.
  • Increased security
  • Protect information within your organisation by implementing access control, only permitting those with the appropriate rights to open, edit and or delete sensitive|confidential documents. All permissions are fully customisable. In addition, all document changes are recorded and fully documented in an audit trail to ensure compliance and visibility.
  • Improved productivity
  • Improve productivity by ensuring employees have access to the right documents at the right time. Linked documents and full text search are just two of the key retrieval features.

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