Overcome your daily document challenges with vision’s managed document solutions – who benefits from publishing professional documents in-house?

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Source: A survey by The Centre for Economics and Business Research (CEBR), 2010

Virtually every business publishes documents in some form or other. Here are just some of the areas that would benefit from an effective document publishing solution.

If you have to compile internal high value documents such as printed reports, meeting presentations or packs, financial documents, HR contracts or business reports this can impact various departments leading to lost productivity, inefficiencies and poor quality output across the organisation.

Information packs, reports, etc can take hours to compile especially when the information comes from multiple locations and formats, add the cost of print mistakes and the cost is very

The time required to compile and update reports means that they are less likely to be always up to date. Vision’s document publishing solution allows users to create such reports in an instant. This means all stakeholders can always have the very latest information to make the most informed decisions.

A significant number of organisations outsource the printing of internal reports because they assume it would be too difficult and too expensive to produce such materials in-house. Vision’s document publishing solution makes it easy for anyone to use and take advantage of the finishing capabilities of their multifunction device to save time, reduce cost and enhance the presentation of their documents.

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