Overcome your daily document challenges with Vision’s managed document solutions – secure storage and fast document retrieval

Secure storage and fast document retrieval

Work more dynamically with electronic filing and retrieval in just one click

In today’s fast-paced business environment, effective data and document management is critical. An organisation’s ability to store, access and retrieve its data with accuracy and speed can provide significant competitive advantage over rival organisations.

Common challenges

Productivity, efficiency and response times
If users are not able to access the right information at the right time that can result in slow query resolution and can be frustrating for your clients.

  • Security
  • Retaining information for legal or operational reasons is very important and it is critical your organisation has the ability to retain documents.
  • Compliance
  • Your organisation runs the risk of being fined or losing contracts if the most recent version of a document is not being referenced.
  • High storage costs
  • Physical storage in multiple locations can lead to an inefficient use of office space resulting in higher costs to your organisation.


Store all your documents digitally and retrieve them with ease and efficiency using full-text search, whilst improving the security of information through defined access rights and backup storage.


  • Save time looking for information
  • by adding indexes to your documents for full-text and meta data search. Find documents or information within documents with the ease and use of web browsing, using full-text search. By the easy process of adding tags to a document when saving to Vision’s managed document solution, you will make them quicker and easier to retrieve.
  • Secure your documents
  • by assigning access rights to view, edit, print or distribute information across your organisation ensuring that no crucial data is lost to theft, fire, flood or misfiling. Vision’s document storage solution ensures that only authorised personnel can access documents by controlling the access rights for each user at both document and folder levels.
  • Ensure legal compliance
  • by adhering to document retention policies, and ensure the most recent version of a document is being referenced. Multiple revisions of documents may be held within an organisation and this can be managed by Vision’s document storage solution by showing only the latest version, alongside previous iterations for full transparency of document revisions.
  • Reduce costs by storing documents electronically
  • and view them regardless of file format, from one application. Vision’s managed document solution allow you to store all your documents, in 300+ formats, in one place directly from your PC or laptop saving valuable office space. You will save money because you no longer need to install expensive applications for users to view different formats.

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