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Common challenges:

  • Collating and structuring paper and electronic content to create professional-looking documents can take time
  • Creating every day important documents such as sales proposals, information packs, reports; bringing information together from multiple files [hardcopy or electronic], structuring and organising information in a clear and presentable format, tailoring and personalising content according to individuals and preparing and structuring the finished document are all time-consuming.
  • Applying print finishing options, such as booklet, can cause unnecessary paper wastage if the desired output is not achieved at the first attempt
  • Using information from various sources can add complexity to the final document, pages may be printed in random order, excel sheets may be too large for one page and expand onto multiple pages, orientation of pages, such as PowerPoint slides, may be different from other documents being collated.
  • Outsourcing production of reports and information packs can be expensive and time consuming
  • It is not just the time it takes to develop and deliver outsource materials, but preparing the information for outsourcing, briefing-in the requirements, the draft and proofing process, waiting for creation and delivery and the cost of an external agency.


  • Vision’s in-house document publishing solution provides you with:
  • A single user-friendly interface to quickly gather and combine information from multiple sources and formats
  • Editing tools to allow users to customise their documents instantly
  • A preview facility to see what the final document with full print finishing options will look like before it is printed, reducing paper waste and achieving the desired output at the first attempt.


  • Save valuable time by easily combining different type of documents into a single, editable document through simple ‘drag and drop’
  • You can increase productivity by dragging and dropping files of multiple formats, such as Microsoft Office, and combine them into a single document for printing or for sharing with other users. For instance, when collating documents for a sales proposal, with Vision’s document publishing solution this can be achieved very easily. And the final proposal will have the professional finishing touch!
  • Reduce paper wastage by previewing how your document will look with print finishing options before you print it, ensuring that you achieve the desired output first time
  • Vision’s document publishing solution allows you to see what your final document will look like with print finishing options (booklet, stapling, hole punching, folding) and review it before it is sent to the printer. Whether you are working with word documents or PowerPoint presentations in landscape orientation, you will be able to see what the final document looks like without unnecessary paper wastage.
  • Save cost of outsourcing. Vision’s document publishing solution makes it easy for everyone to produce professional-looking and personalised documents in-house
  • Eliminate the need for outsourced expenses by making full use of your existing in-house resources. Create professional-looking and personalised documents at a fraction of the time it takes to wait for outsourced materials to be developed and delivered.

To learn more about the benefits of Vision’s managed document solutions as part of a fully managed print solution, call 08449 808700 or email sales@visionplc.co.uk


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