Overcome your daily document challenges with vision’s managed document solutions – how can you benefit from easy PDF creation and control?

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Source: All Associates Group – Total Document Costs Report, November 2010

Vision’s ‘Easy PDF creation and control’ managed document solution provides a simple and cost effective desktop solution that is easy to install. Any organisation that handles and creates PDF documents will have a requirement for PDF manipulation – whether it’s for basic PDF editing or word redaction for compliance.

Vision’s managed document solution is specifically designed to be used in the office. General office workers can increase productivity by being able to turn any PDF into a fully editable Microsoft Office document and turn a file of any format into a completely secure PDF.

Marketing Departments spend a large amount of time working with PDF files. Your staff can increase productivity by editing any PDF file, reducing production time and saving on the cost of external marketing agency work. They can also create powerful and impactful PDF forms for their demand generation and event campaigns.

Finance Departments can make use of the Document Stamping functionality to approve invoices and purchase orders.

Legal Firms and Legal Departments can compare different versions of the same document to automatically highlight any differences to text during contract reviews. Staff can permanently remove sensitive information from case documents, using redaction, carry out full searches and remove words automatically.

Insurance Companies and Financial Services organisations operating in the SMB market will benefit from many aspects of the Vision managed document solution as interactive forms can be created to enable users to fill in a form and send them back electronically. This will improve the customer experience, response times to information requests and satisfaction rates.

Vision’s managed document solution is significantly cheaper than Adobe’s PDF offering and is tailored for office use in contrast to Adobe’s graphics-based functionality.

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