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Common challenges

  • High cost and slow speed of document creation and manipulation
  • When information is received in to your business in a PDF format, or via a scanned document, you may need to extract or modify this information to re-purpose it. You may not have the ability to create or update PDFs “in-house” and the re-typing of documents received and creation of new documents takes up valuable time and incurs significant expense.
  • Sensitive data needs to be removed from PDF documents
  • Documents may need to be filed but with certain information removed for legal or administration purposes. Without appropriate software, they may need to print the documents and manually remove the data, before scanning it again. This can be inaccurate as not all the instances are removed, costly and time-consuming.
  • Signing documents is a manual and lengthy process
  • Manually printing out documents to sign or authorise, means increased administration time, paper and toner costs.
  • Ensuring documents are compatible with future technologies
  • You may have many saved documents that will not be readable in the future as they are not in PDF and, as a result, you may lose important archived information or be non-compliant.
  • The inability to access filed documents remotely
  • Not being able to retrieve your documents because you do not have access to a document repository can lead to delays in productivity. A remote worker may need to access their documents when visiting a client or when working from home.


In today’s fast-paced business environment, professionals don’t want to waste time and money struggling with incompatible document formats or manually reproducing documents. Vision’s managed document solution helps you take full control of your PDF documents easily and efficiently, helping you to increase productivity and reduce cost.

Powerful speech recognition allows you to annotate your PDF documents quickly using your voice. From multiple files you can create a single, searchable and fully editable PDF and automatically eliminate sensitive information within your document. PDF documents can be quickly annotated without typing and fully formatted conversions from PDF to Microsoft Word and Excel documents is simple.


  • Save time by having full control of your PDF documents
  • Reduce the time it takes to transfer text|data from a PDF to a Windows Office document significantly by converting it and exporting to the required format.
  • Secure your information by automatically redacting confidential details from your documents
  • Redaction refers to the removal of information from a document, in this case through hiding, or blacking out. Redaction can be done on an ad-hoc basis using a full search and removal function to ensure that no confidential information is leaked.
  • Improve productivity by using speech recognition to add annotations to your PDFs
  • Increase the speed and accuracy in which you add annotations to your PDFs by using outstanding speech recognition software. Vision’s managed document solutions allow you to add annotations or authorisations quickly, easily and accurately to documents received.
  • Protect the longevity of your information by ensuring your documents are PDF/A compliant
  • Guarantee your documents will be readable in the future by checking their PDF/A compliance and applying it if it is not present. By adopting Vision’s managed document solution, any attribute of the content (like proprietary fonts) that is not compliant with PDF/A, will be highlighted and the relevant measures will be taken automatically to ensure compliancy. The entire document is now readable in the future as it is a PDF/A.
  • Access your documents wherever you are by saving them in the Cloud
  • Save your documents to your Cloud-based document storage system directly from your Vision managed document solution. A remote worker will be able to access their documents to help ensure all the relevant data is available when visiting a customer or when completing work out of the office.

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