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Common Challenges

  • Misfiled documents
  • Your documents are filed away manually in network folders or within your document management system. With Vision’s solution, documents are sent automatically into the required destination from point of scan. A single misfiled document can cost £60 for an organisation to retrieve. How often does this happen within your organisation and how much could that equate to?
  • Valuable employee time spent retyping paper documents into Word or Excel
  • Many users need to re-create a document they might receive from a supplier, customer or even internally. One common type of document that is often retyped is a table of numbers (spreadsheet). This takes up valuable time and costs your organisation a lot of money, not to mention that it is an extremely error-prone process.
  • Open access to scanning leaves no audit trail and potential data leakage issues
  • Most standard scanning solutions are not integrated into Active Directory, therefore anyone, without any kind of authentication, can walk up to a multifunctional device and then scan and email a document to anywhere in the world. This could lead to serious data breaches or transfer of confidential information outside the organisation eg financial statements, employment records, sales forecasts, etc.
  • Too many steps required to get documents into your SharePoint system
  • A typical process where there is no direct scanning to SharePoint would involve: Scan the document > retrieve from network folder or email > OCR > rename file > manually move file to correct location > manually upload file to SharePoint.
  • Documents cannot be found due to documents being scanned as images or due to inaccurate OCR
  • Basic or free scanning software sometimes does not include an OCR engine at all or may have basic OCR capability. Documents that are scanned without OCR are simply a non-searchable picture. Documents that are OCRd contain full text strings that when a user searches they can search for the actual content within a file, rather than be limited to the filename. This leaves users with the only option of searching a document by its name, that, as we have seen in previous points, is not always the best efficient way.


Documents are routed directly through to the Microsoft environment. Users select their chosen Microsoft application and send in a single click to their multifunctional device. Users can scan any paper document to Microsoft Office formats and backend systems with one click.


  • Scan directly into Microsoft SharePoint for increased security and consistency
  • Scanning directly into SharePoint in one click eliminates the risk of misfiling by the user, thus improving security and productivity. For example, a confidential financial company record could be stored directly without the need for it to be saved locally on a user’s desktop or laptop, significantly reducing the security risk of data leakage. As easy as walking to your multifunctional device and click on the Financial Records button!
  • Increase productivity by directly scanning paper documents to Microsoft Office from your multifunctional device
  • Many organisations have the requirement to replicate or copy sections of reports and transfer them into new documents. For example, a user requires to modify a product price list (table) from a business plan for a customer-facing sales proposal. The Vision managed document solution allows him to scan the table into word or Excel in a click of a button on the multifunctional device, so this takes place quickly and easily without the need for retyping the document again.
  • Improve security with complete audit trail of user activity at the multifunctional device
  • Vision’s managed document solution provides a full audit trail of all user activity at the point of capture. This enables the organisation to track, monitor and control user activity and pin-point potential breaches. For example, if an employee copies and shares a confidential document outside the organisation incorrectly, Vision’s managed document solution can directly pinpoint the user, the time it was sent and its destination|recipient. This information can then be used to retrieve the file and mitigate further risk.
  • Enhance user experience and adoption by filing documents in the right location with one click
  • Vision’s managed document solution allows organisations to adopt best practise folder structures for their document storage. Providing users with a logical, structured and a centralised approach to structured document storage reducing misinterpretation or multiple folders holding the same information. For example: your organisation could dictate specific folders and sub categories ie Finance > Accounts > Invoices. The buttons on the multifunctional device can be predefined for the users, so they only need to know what kind of document they are scanning and press the button referencing that kind of document (ie Invoices) and the system will archive the invoice on the relevant folder automatically without further user intervention.
  • Accurately recognise and retrieve scanned documents thanks to powerful OCR
  • Vision managed document solution offers world class OCR to ensure all images and documents are captured accurately, this enables full text search capability and allows users to quickly and accurately retrieve documents. without OCR, documents would be scanned as images and would be searchable by document title. With OCR, documents would be scanned as text and image documents; allowing the user to search by title, content or keyword. The provision of accurate OCR significantly improves the search-ability and value of the document to the organisation.

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