Equitrac is highly configurable and scalable, meaning it can be adjusted as printing needs evolve in an organisation.

It offers industry-leading support of print management objectives such as cost savings, security and reduction in waste, while providing organisations the ability to control, track and account for print activity. The software features Follow-You Printing technology, in which print jobs are held until users authenticate themselves at the networked printer of their choice, enhancing security by releasing documents only when a person is physically at the printer and reducing costs of unnecessary printing. Equitrac also allows mobile users to easily print from their devices.

When people want to print, they expect to be able to. They don't think about print servers, networks or whether or not a printer is online and ready to print. They just want to hit print and be done.
Meeting this expectation while reducing the strain on IT staff and budgets is what Equitrac is all about. Equitrac provides anytime, anywhere access to printing while maintaining control over costs and security. At the same time, it delivers user convenience and choice, balanced with financial and environmental awareness, to encourage responsible printing.

  • Hybrid print control: Use print servers, direct IP printing, or a hybrid model with complete control
  • Complete accountability: Track every detail of every job to account for and save every penny
  • Stop all non-essential printing: Enable users to make the smartest choice every time they print
  • Make every printer personal: Deliver security and convenience at every printing device

Equitrac gives businesses the flexibility to let users print what they need and when they need it, while reducing the costs and complexities of deploying a print infrastructure. It is the most intelligent way to print – reducing costs, making printing secure and increasing user satisfaction.

Equitrac delivers organisational control and reduces IT complexities by removing dependencies on print servers, print drivers and complex print fleets, while managing every printed page in an organisation.
As user requirements for printing change and IT infrastructure evolves, Equitrac lets you easily adapt to these changes with a unique choice of how to deploy printing – using print servers, direct IP printing or a hybrid model. This allows you to tailor your print environment according to the specific needs of your users and business.

  • Reduce complexities of managing multiple types and brands of printers across the organisation
  • Simplify print workflows with I-Queue, the intelligent print queue
  • Create a unified view of print, copy and scan activity for all devices on the network to help identify and implement print cost savings initiatives
  • Scales easily in any environment, from small businesses to large enterprises with multiple offices and thousands of devices
  • Embedded applications and flexible secure document release options brings security and convenience to every printer on the network
  • Encourage responsible behaviour such as letting users select or delete print jobs from the secure queue and applying rules to reduce print costs and waste
  • Ensure document security by tracking all activity and holding documents in a secure print queue until they are released