Mobile printing – now you are no longer confined to your desk to print

As the need for secure and managed printing to mobile users grows, uniFLOW’s features mean that you are no longer confined to your desk for your daily activities. Find out more

uniFLOW allows you to print regardless of whether you are printing from your desktop, PC, the Cloud, mobile device, inside or outside of your organisation’s network.

As mobile devices become essential in the workplace, simply being able to print from a PC or MAC is no longer enough.  With uniFLOW, mobile users are able to send a job to the printer via email, upload via website, directly from a cloud-based system or via Smartphone App. It even allows guests to print without setting up an account.

Whichever method you choose to submit a print job, the core functionality of uniFLOW is always available. The mobile printing methods offered by uniFLOW are:


Send jobs to a secure queue via email. Once the email has been sent, with the document as an attachment, you are able to log in and see the print queue. From here you can chose the device you wish to print to and release the print job.

Guest printing

Administrators can allow guest users to send jobs to their print devices. All that the guest is required to do is email their documents to the uniFLOW server which will then supply the guest user with a unique code to enable them to release their job at the device.

Smartphone Application

You can download the uniFLOW App onto your iPhone or iPad.  This will allow you to access the uniFLOW server to send and release your print jobs.

Blackberry and Android Applets are coming soon. In the meantime, if you don’t use iPhone or iPad you can send your print jobs mobile via email, website or the cloud.

Another superb feature of the uniFLOW app is that you can identify the device that you would like to print to by simply scanning the QR code on the device.


You can access the uniFLOW print server via the uniFLOW web portal.

The Cloud

You can insert Cloud ‘doclink’ as the print job. The documents can be printed directly from a cloud-based system via your chosen device.

Editing print job before release

Once you have logged in and sent your documents to the print server, a thumbnail of the document is shown to you. No matter what method is used to print, through uniFLOW you can add any finishing options such as duplex or staple before the job is printed.

Print Accounting

All of this can be achieved whilst still providing print management accounting. Users can be set up with a number of identities ensuring that the budget is charged for the print job and that each user only appears once on the reports.

If you are interested in learning more about uniFLOW and seeing a demonstration of mobile printing, call 08449 808700 or email



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