Manage all central printing – the Print Room Operator’s experience

Many organisations have the need to manage both the print infrastructure as well as their central print room, whether it is a high school or a large corporate organisation.Find out more

uniFLOW can help you manage the print room, from submission to job intake, from document make ready to production.

Various ways of submission

As a print room operator jobs can reach you in various ways. Job Ticketing enables office employees to send print jobs directly from their PC to your central print facility in an efficient and standardised manner. Using the web based shop front users can submit their jobs from anywhere around the globe.

Central job management

The Operator Dashboard is the central operator console for managing printing of customer orders. After receiving the orders, it allows jobs to be checked, scheduled, an prepared. It can be set up for multiple operators, each with their own queues and printers.

Web-based document make-ready

Print preparation is easy with the integrated document make ready tool. It provides a complete document preview combined with page composition and basic late-stage editing tools in a clearly laid out manner.

Bring volume to the Print Room

By setting up rules large jobs can be automatically rerouted from office MFDs to the print room. After re-routing, the job ticket opens up and after completing the job ticket the job is sent to the print room.

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