iW Desktop

iW Desktop is a unique document publishing solution that allows you to quickly, easily and efficiently create professional-looking and personalised documents in-house. Perfect for everything from sales proposals to reports, to information packs and handouts.Find out more

Quickly, easily and efficiently create professional-looking documents

  • No need for time-wasting
  • Creating documents like sales reports and proposals takes time, especially when the information comes from different sources and in both digital and hard copy format. With iW Desktop everything is handled effortlessly in just a few simple steps.
  • No need for outsourcing
  • Now it’s easy for everyone in your office to create professional-looking finished documents without the cost and hassle of outsourcing. Plus, as you only print what you need, there’s never any unused collateral – unlike when you order from a print supplier and over-estimate the quantities required.
  • Drag-and-Drop print publishing from your desktop
  • iW Desktop’s unique quick printing tool allows you to easily produce highly-quality finished documents with a simple drag-and-drop onto your personal finishing templates.
  • Drag-and-Drop PDF creation, faxing and print preview
  • You can even create PDF files and send faxes – all without opening iW Desktop itself.
  • Microsoft Office Integration
  • Make your documents stand out! With iW Desktop’s Office Toolbar you can apply your own finishing templates from directly within Microsoft Office.
  • Gather and combine documents into one – in seconds
  • Simply drag-and-drop your files and iW Desktop takes care of the rest, combining all into one editable document.
  • Edit, prepare and personalise your document
  • Flexible editing tools allow you to move pages or content around as well as add headers, footers and a table of contents. Simply drag-and-drop variable text fields into your document.
  • Professional results every time – Preview finishing and print or PDF publish
  • Preview a range of automatic finishing options such as booklet printing, stapling, hole-punching and folding before printing – fewer mistakes, less waste, and the desired results first time.
  • Simple PDF handling and creation
  • iW Desktop improves your digital workflows, allowing users to handle PDF documents more easily as well as annotate and mark-up PDF documents with comments, highlight text, strike through text and underline text as part of a proofing process.


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