It’s time to embrace change

We all understand that embracing change is vital to our business’ ongoing success. While print remains a core communications tool, the ways in which it is used and produced are changing.Find out more

In an uncertain economic climate, most businesses expect their print solutions providers to add value and at Vision we explore emerging technologies, print and non-print media alternatives.

According to recent research, here are the key trends that will shape the business landscape in 2014:

  • Changes in print demand will drive the transfer of offset produced pages to digital devices.
  • Digital printing is more than four-colour. Texture, sparkle, and enhanced colour add more value to digital print.
  • Workflow is at the heart of productivity and Vision’s managed document solutions will deliver on this goal.
  • Mobile-to-print and print-to-mobile will become critical services due to the increased use of tablets and smartphones.
  • Consider making print interactive.
  • Account management will be a key differentiator in 2014 and Vision’s team deliver insight to help you gain maximum benefit from your print solution.
  • The best results will come from managed print and document solutions that are designed to transform your business.

Successful businesses recognise the need for changes and embrace them early, because that’s much easier than playing catch-up and waiting too long can put you at a competitive disadvantage.

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