Is resistance to change preventing you from adopting a managed print solution?

A recent survey found that resistance to change by staff is the biggest challenge faced by organisations when adopting a managed print solution.Find out more

The survey also showed that an organisation’s Finance Department is most likely to kick-start investment in managed print solutions as a way to increase productivity by cutting down on inefficient processes. Many financial and accounting activities such as invoice management are time consuming, repetitive and paper heavy.

Often these activities are carried out manually and in an inconsistent way with databases of information that are not integrated and vital data having to be rekeyed with all the inherent risk of human error that entails.

Reducing reliance on paper is often the main reason for adopting a managed print solution as well as reducing storage and improving information sharing. The survey cited some of the real benefits to organisations who had adopted a managed print solution as “less storage space is needed for paper files and archiving now just happens” and “the ability for users all around the company to retrieve documents easily without moving from their desk”.

Organisations with compliance, legal and disaster recovery issues will reap huge rewards from implementing a managed print solution, while users themselves will save a lot of time and ultimately be freed up to do more interesting and challenging work.

Of course change can sometimes be disruptive and stressful, but at Vision we have developed an implementation strategy that interacts with users giving them the opportunity to become part of the process at an early stage.

Vision recommends user testing to ensure that users become familiar with the solution and that it meets their requirements. This can be handled by equipment demonstrations at our showroom or trial device installations on site.

Prior to installation, Vision works with organisations to provide communications explaining the print facilities and associated benefits; desk drops, screen savers and electronic material can be utilised to ensure optimum end user understanding and utilisation. To ensure that your organisation gains maximum benefit from your managed print solution, end user training takes place on the day of installation and floor walkers are appointed to “hand hold”.

In order to ensure seamless integration with your organisation’s back-end systems and applications Vision’s Technical Resource Team will work with your IT Team to test all business areas prior to implementation. After deployment we will work with the IT Team to ensure all aspects of the solution are fully operational.

Our dedicated Account Management Team works to educate people about the benefits of their managed print solution and allay their fears. To find out more visit or email


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