HP Accessibility

Vison have selected HP as one of its key vendors, for a number of strategic reasons, with its approach to DDA being of huge importance to Vision. With an extensive range of printing product lines, Vision and HP endeavour to include features for all-round usability, such as intuitive buttons and control panels, convenient paper tray and cartridge access, and remote configuration/management. Find out more

Our Business partners HP have, and continue to, invest in accessible technology as part of their mission to create an inclusive environment focused on connecting people to the technology they use. Their wide range product portfolios are designed to remove barriers between users and their print technology.

In order to optimise printer accessibility, HP has implemented a number of features across their print range to help accommodate various accessibility challenges, including:

  • Front positioning of power button
  • Front input and output tray for easy access
  • Front load toner cartridge door on most models
  • Low profile design for easy access to the top of the device
  • Full virtual keyboard for Touch Screen models
  • Full size physical keyboard (HP Enterprise Flow models only)
  • Backlit LCD control panel for optimal visibility
  • Adjustable contrast between text and background
  • Option to switch the colour users for text and background
  • Magnification of the content on the control panel
  • Button controlled volume adjustment
  • Saved settings for common jobs
  • Color-coded levers and labels
  • Easy paper jam clearance
  • Embedded Web Server (EWS) to enable remote management of device features
  • Animation for common troubleshooting
  • Optional private printing using an access ID card
  • Automatic Print Quality calibration on most models
  • Easy paper removal from the MFP scanner flat bed or ADF
  • Multiple-languages available for the control panel
  • Offset print job stacking

In addition to these features, HP is reinventing voice command and screen-reader support with the HP Accessibility Assistant A true advanced offering for improved access and use, the kit includes a prop handle for reaching assistance, plus braille labels and an accessible keyboard for visual assistance. Most impressively, session-based voice command can also be activated with a single touch increasing employee productivity with a device that lets users effortlessly communicate with a range of HP single and multifunction printers and scanners. For example, to copy using the devices the user simply activates the voice control with one press of the button and states the number of copies required ’10 Copies’.

The result is innovative approaches that make it easier to use Vision’s award winning solutions and systems to accommodate a wide range of unique user needs while also addressing a variety of accessibility guidelines and regulations.

Teamed with our Print Management software solutions, Vision’s Managed Print Solutions continue to offer world leading technology to improve productivity whilst empowering a diverse workforce.


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