How Vision’s managed print solutions can help you to reduce your environmental impact

Vision is committed to providing managed print solutions as part of a sustainable future. We continuously strive to provide products and services that reduce environmental impact through less energy consumption and reduced wastage, whilst increasing business efficiency.Find out more

Vision’s manage print solutions deliver:

  • Reduction and consolidation in hardware | device requirements
  • Reduced energy consumption with less devices and device configuration based on usage
  • Reduction in print output by increased user awareness
  • Reduced wastage eg devices, paper, consumables usage with non-print output. Jobs are deleted from print queue after set time

Vision is an Accredited Partner of Canon and Samsung and works strictly to the comprehensive national and global policies and procedures, such as ISO:14001 Environmental Management system.

Environmental Initiatives

Toner Recycling

Vision provides an easy-to-use facility for recycling used toner cartridges. The toner, plastic and metals are sorted to allow for specialist recycling and are reused to manufacture a range of different products. This service not only helps to remove used cartridges from the general waste stream but also encourages you to adopt environmental responsibility into your daily work practices.

WEEE Directive Compliance

Vision will dispose of redundant devices in line with the Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) directive. Equipment is collected by Vision and recycled to meet stringent standards governing the current collection, recycling and recovery of all types of electrical goods.

Energy Star

Vision supply Energy Star rated products, a high standard for energy efficiency. Energy Star is an international standard for energy efficient products. An Energy Star compliant device uses energy more efficiently and will contribute significant savings to energy bills.

Trees for Cities

Vision works to offset the amount of paper used in our industry by supporting the charity Trees for Cities. This initiative plants new trees in urban areas to help mitigate the environmental impact of our products, services and solutions. ‘Trees for Cities’ is an independent charity which undertakes tree planting and green initiatives in urban areas of greatest need.

Walking Technicians

Vision deploys a number of walking technicians to cover callouts in congested urban areas. This reduces the carbon output of our service operation and improves response to breakdown calls and increases first time fix rates. Our technicians’ car fleet is currently under review and all new vehicles will have maximum emissions of 100g Co2/km.

Promoting Awareness of New Print Strategies:

Our bespoke customer training programme aims to inform users about your new print strategy and the environmental benefits. This can take the form of educational meetings, work groups and posters, and marketing campaigns. As part of the implementation phase Vision can also provide posters and leaflets which when placed above or near the device, can significantly help usage of the energy saving features of the device.

Software Solutions:

Software services such as Equitrac and uniFLOW reduce waste by eliminating unclaimed printing and adding the accountability that encourages users to print only the documents they actually need. By implementing a secure ‘Follow Me’ print solution, device usage, print output and paper consumption can be reduced by as much as 40%.

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