How technology can help Estate Agents save money and increase productivity

Traditionally, Estate Agents registered applicants with a pen and paper, input their data manually onto a database and rang them every time a suitable property became available. Find out more

If it was the right house, they faxed the solicitor and the lender on a regular basis and once the sale was complete, all the paperwork was stored in archive boxes for seven years. Then add to this the cost of individuals accidentally printing too many copies of property details (in colour), photocopying applications forms, etc.  Discover how much simpler this process could be with a Vision managed print solution that might include:


Eliminate the need for a dedicated fax line and the cost of a fax machine, toner and fax paper in every branch with a solution that through one central fax server sends faxes via email.  Faxes are then stored electronically for quick and easy retrieval.


Searching for paper documents in filing cabinets is time consuming, and the files themselves take up valuable office space; electronic archiving like Therefore provides instant access to files in a secure environment.


Many companies spend 3% of their turnover on print costs, with print management solutions such as Equitrac and uniFLOW, understanding how, when and by whom printers are used saves time and money.

A recent case study saw an established estate agency turning over £40 million per annum save £360,000 on print costs.

There are many opportunities to make huge savings within the day-to-day running of an Estate Agency, for more information about how Vision can help save money and improve workflow, call us on 08449 808700 or visit


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