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Enhanced communications

One of Vision’s telecoms solutions deals with al inbound calls, coping with any peaks seamlessly. Callers are automatically routed to the most appropriate person or department and if the ‘call attendant’ cannot put the caller through to specified person, callers have the choice to be rerouted to another contact or leave a message on that person’s dedicated voicemail which can be accessed by them from any location.

Being able to get through to the correct person in single call immediately improves the caller’s experience and increases staff efficiency.

Easy access to information

Staff can spend a great deal of time locating information. Document management solutions integrate with existing operating systems to provide an electronic filing cabinet and archive for all records. These make it easy for staff in every department to access information which they are permitted to see.

Whatever department – finding further storage space for newly archived records is no longer problem. If the existing archive is scanned into electronic format and stored within the Document Management filing system, offices and basements occupied by paper files can be reclaimed and put to better use.

Quick and secure document delivery

Whilst fax continues to be a favoured method of communicating confidential information, swapping multiple stand-lone fax machines for an electronic, desktop fax alternative on multifunctional printer or copier is the answer. Staff will no longer have to leave their desk to fax a document and then worry that it is sat on a fax machine at the other end for anyone to see. The cost of line rental, paper and toner is negated, security is tightened up and efficiency improved.

Print Management

Print management technology works behind the scenes to automatically route print to the most efficient output device on the network for the job and constantly monitors device throughput.  It will educate staff on the cost of and best practices for printing, put stop to wasteful printing habits and tighten up print security and confidentiality throughout the entire organisation.

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