Enhancements to Therefore document management

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Therefore™ quickly overhauls these inefficiencies with an easy to implement storage and retrieval system. Therefore™ allows you to create an electronic filing cabinet for all your business information giving you flexibility to define workflow processes and storage policies.

Therefore™ appreciates feedback from its users and, so far in 2012, have released three new packages providing clients with even more great features. Just a few of these developments include:

Therefore Mobile App

Therefore™ previously supported smaller displays of mobile devices like smart phones and tablets. This has now been developed further with a new native app for android and iOS operating systems. Users can view documents and participate in workflow processes from any place where internet access is available.

Therefore Capture Client: Delayed Saving

A new feature has been added allowing users to delay saving of documents from Capture Client to Therefore™ to reduce network traffic. For example, documents could be scanned throughout the day, allocated to clients and saving to Therefore™ can be set to happen overnight. In Capture Client options there is now a new checkbox called ‘restrict Upload Time’ which allows a time period to be specified in which saving of documents to Therefore™ is allowed.

Therefore™  revolutionises the way information is managed and shared in your business, if you are interested in finding out more information then please do not hesitate to contact us now.


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