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“Simply switching to LED lights can reduce your carbon emissions so significantly that your consumption of energy from lighting can be reduced by up to 90%”Find out more

There is now a global effort to reduce carbon emissions. In the UK we have a mandatory initiative in the form of the CRC Energy Efficiency Scheme. This requires over 5,000 UK businesses to measure their carbon emissions and put in place strategies and energy saving projects to reduce the environmental impact.

Investing in a solid state technology that emits no UV and does not use harmful substances like mercury, phosphor and lead in its manufacture will enhance any organisation’s green credentials.

Every year it is estimated that in the UK alone 80 million lamps are disposed of and a percentage of those are not being disposed of properly, being placed directly into landfill sites allowing the mercury content to filter through into the water table. There is enough mercury in one florescent tube to pollute 30,000 litres of water. As a consequence there is now a huge problem with the disposal of these types of products. ‘Low energy’ compact fluorescents come with the same inherent problems. However, an equivalent LED replacement is typically over 50% more energy efficient and free from the pollutants that are damaging the environment.

Not only is LED lighting the right choice for the environment, it is also the right choice in financial terms. With ever increasing energy costs, government incentives, tax benefits and affordable financial schemes, now is the right time to invest in achieving lower energy bills now and for the future. You will also be investing in a technology that requires very little maintenance thus providing even more cost saving benefits.

Vision aims to encourage a responsible attitude to environmental protection through the economic use of energy and the safe disposal and eventual abolition of fluorescent tubes.

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