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During 2020 companies and public organizations had to shift their employees into home offices in an instant; it quickly became clear how few were prepared to do so. With the necessary ‘paper’ back at headquarters, key information that employees need to get their work done was simply not accessible. As a result, processes slowed; in many cases, vital business processes ground to a halt.
But there are simple, cost-effective ways to remedy this situation; digitisation of the appropriate documents coupled with Vision’s Content Services Platform (VCSP).
By using VCSP, you don’t have to be tied to an office workstation to be effective. Important documents can be accessed from anywhere (for example, a home office) at any time and with any device. Documents can be edited together with colleagues and integrated into your chosen business processes.
The result? An enabled, empowered workforce that can operate from anywhere.
Future proof your business with Vision’s Content Services Platform.

Here’s how it works…

VCSP collects data from almost any source; documents scanned by an MFD, email accounts, networks folders, and line of business applications. This data is then interrogated using intelligent document recognition (IDR) algorithms to aid autonomous routing through bespoke workflows for coding, approval, matching and ultimately storage into a single secure, organised archive that your team can access anywhere at any time from any device. Mobile specific applications aid access to workflow and data on the move to empower a truly agile workforce.
Traditionally expensive on-premise ‘content management’ solutions need not be a concern; cloud based, subscription VCSP provides all the functionality you need, with modest investment.
Utilising Vision’s Public Cloud, simply decide how many user licenses and how much storage capacity is required… and pay only for that, leveraging the flexibility of our Software as a Service (SaaS) licensing model!

Smart handling of documents and automating workflow steps can unlock new levels of employee effectiveness — without disruptive changes to an organisation


Our Approach

With decades of experience, Vision’s Managed Document Services team take a holistic and analytical approach to each client engagement, ensuring a focus on the key challenges you are facing today… while keeping a keen eye on every opportunity to leverage the extensive power of our platform in other areas of your business, maximising its impact, and your return on investment



From initial enquiry through to installation, support and account management, Vision has proven itself to be an outstanding provider of quality products and truly excellent service time and time again.

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