Document Management: Simple, Secure Document Archive and Retrieval

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The Challenge

Regardless of the industry, many organisations face the same common challenges around information and document management:

  • Staff unable to access to the right information at the right time from a single source (on average people spend over four hours per week looking for information)
  • Ensuring that document retention, information governance and data protection legislations are adhered to and internal confidentiality is not breached
  • Planning for disaster recovery
  • Increasing storage costs for on and off site physical storage
  • How to ensure that staff reference only the most up to date version of a document.

The Solution

Vision’s document management solutions provide fully scalable consultancy driven software’s that are easy to implement but a proven to powerfully overhaul business efficiencies, document management and workflow processes.

Put simply, our solution enables you to create an electronic filing cabinet for all your business critical information where only authorised users can capture, index, categorise and access the right information at the right time quickly and efficiently, even when not in the office via secure web access or from compatible tablets and smartphone applications.


Because our chosen software solutions are designed and built around Microsoft® platforms it integrates seamlessly with Microsoft® Office applications meaning most users should be familiar with the look and feel so staff require minimal training.

With the development API tools available further integrations are possible to maximise productivity and enhance the efficiency of your information.

Document Lifecycle

Improve the way you work by making the information you need easily accessible, visible and secure.

From the moment a document is captured or created and indexed, the information is fully searchable via metadata or Text Optical Character Recognition (OCR), viewable and editable with complete audit trail and document version control.

From a single source or application users can easily manage all aspects of the whole lifecycle from creation to secure destruction after the required retention period through Vision’s document management solution.

Because Vision’s solution also removes the need for document replication and duplication, printing and storage costs are reduced. The result is a productive business edge through improved information control.

Document Workflow

Documents within your business have specific workflows or authorisation processes. Often in many business where a hardcopy document is distributed there is no audit process or quick way to know exactly who has the document at that time.

With Vision’s document management solution, we can digitally replicate all your business| department specific workflow’s so the moment a document enters the system it can automatically start the journey. With a digital signature or approval path and multiple user distribution of the document is quick and easy, even when the user is away from the office. If your workflow is time critical, why not set up a time limit on the process, then should someone miss a deadline to approve|reject they will get a gentle reminder automatically.

System administrators can easily gain a clear overview to see the exact status and position of the process and identify any bottle necks or opportunities to improve the internal workflow process and streamline efficiencies.


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