Create a sustainable, positive social environment within the workplace

The Department of Energy and Climate Change introduced a mandatory CO2 Reduction Scheme aimed at improving energy efficiency and cutting emissions in public and private sector organisations.Find out more

This is effectively introducing a “carbon tax” on organisations that do not reduce their carbon footprint in line with current government legislation.

Vision offers clients new low carbon LED lighting solutions that provide organisations with the opportunity to make significant reductions on energy use, CO2 emissions and ongoing maintenance charges.

The latest technology and LED lighting can be leased which removes the economic impact of any upfront capital expenditure by ensuring that what you save on your energy bill more than covers the cost of the monthly lease payment. Vision coordinates the entire process from auditing your requirements to installation and all future maintenance.

Using less energy and reducing carbon emissions will have a positive impact on the planet and by having increasingly tangible financial incentives it now becomes very simple to implement these major changes.

LED lighting through Vision makes saving money and reducing your carbon footprint easy, creating a sustainable, positive social environment within the workplace.

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