COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Policy


Tuesday 10th March 2020


The Board of Directors at Vision Group Holdings Ltd (Vision) is actively monitoring the situation regarding the outbreak of Covid-19 (coronavirus).

Vision’s response and policies of the situation shall follow Public Health Authorities’ Advice. Whilst the Board will continue to monitor the situation, immediate measures are being taken as detailed in the following policy;

Vision Company Policy


  1. To protect the wellbeing of employees and their families.


Measures have been implemented to reduce the risk of workplace transmission. Staff are encouraged to frequently wash their hands and apply hand sanitisers, which have been provided. In the event of being exposed to the virus or showing any symptoms of infection, staff are required to stay at home and inform their line manager. Further advice can be found at and


  1. Making responsible decisions to support the prevention / containment of the situation in order to minimise the impact on society.


In addition to the above staff are encouraged to visit clients only when necessary and where possible, uitilise other means of communication to conduct business for example utilising Skype. All incoming requests for support are routed through Vision’s Technical Remote desk, in order to resolve as many calls as possible without dispatching a technician to site.


  1. Whilst in consideration of the above, making every effort to maintain business as usual, consistently supporting all clients with the required products and services.


In addition to the above policies adhered to by Vision’s support personnel, considerable focus has been placed on ensuring no negative impact on the availability of parts and consumables, including toner, necessary for the uptime of client print devices.


The board continues to maintain strong communication with key suppliers and is currently experiencing no impact on supply chain or stock availability.


The Board continues to monitor the situation and reserve the right to update this statement as appropriate at any time.


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