Convenient smartphone or tablet printing – the end-user experience

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Recent advances in technology mean that users are no longer confined to their desks to do their work but can work anywhere at any time.

Unfortunately, when it comes to getting documents onto paper, printing technology has not kept developing at the same pace. Now uniFLOW brings printing into the mobile age.

Easy submission from smartphone or tablet

Regardless of their location, users can use their smartphones or tablets to send jobs to print via e-mail, web browser or printer driver. They may be sitting at their desk, in a meeting room or in a coffee shop in the next city and they can still print their documents in a secure and managed way.

Multiple Identities

Users can be identified by multiple user names and e-mail addresses from their personal as well as work email accounts. This helps ensure that the correct user and budget are charged for the print job and that each user appears only once in reports, regardless of which method the users choose to submit their job.

Guest Printing

Administrators can allow an unknown user or guest to send jobs to print devices, as new users can be created automatically. Alternatively, an e-mail containing a release code would be sent back to the user for releasing the job.

Secure (mobile) Print Queue

All jobs, whether submitted from a PC on the network or a mobile device from another building, are shown to the users in the same secure print queue. The users can see a thumbnail preview of the job and add any finishing options, such as duplex or stapling, before the job is printed. With their smartphone, users can even release jobs via the phone’s Web browser or native app, without needing the embedded MFD software.

Google Cloud PrintTM Support

uniFLOW allows users to submit jobs to their printers via Google Cloud Print. It will allow customers who have purchased Google ChromebooksTM to print securely and have their jobs accounted in the same way as other Windows or Mac users. Jobs can also be submitted to Google Cloud Print via a web browser, so PCs, Android devices, and iOS smartphones & tablets can also print using the Google ChromeTM browser.

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