Controllable, efficient LED lighting that improves productivity

LED lighting provides superior control over light colour, intensity and direction and allows for bespoke lighting system designs that can deliver a wide range of social co-benefits.Find out more

Outdoor LED lighting offers improved visibility and colour rendering for pedestrians and traffic, as well as reduced light pollution. Indoor LED smart control systems have been shown to improve student behaviour and study performance, and when smart controls allow LEDs to dynamically change lighting levels in response to conditions, total system energy savings can reach up to 80% of existing energy costs.

Well-designed LED lighting is expected to last for 50,000 to 100,000 hours. Lifespans can be extended even further by coupling LED lighting with smart controls. LED lighting is also evolving much faster than any other lighting technology.

While fluorescent tubes have doubled in efficiency since 1950, white LED efficiency has increased by a factor of ten since 2004. Today LED lighting is amongst the most efficient lighting sources available, but in the near future they will reach far beyond any competing technology and become the technology of choice for most applications, with energy savings reaching up to 90% compared to today’s conventional technologies. The economic benefits will come primarily to nations that invest in LED research and manufacturing today.

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